Thomas Chock and Enoch Chapman

Who is Thomas?

I remember one time during the dog days of grad school I was having a conversation with my older brother, complaining about how hard things were. Being in an MBA program with a bunch of really really smart people (I still wonder how the heck I made it through that program…lots of help from those smart people I’m sure) was taking its toll on my “bad habit of comparing myself to others” self.

He asked me a simple question: “How many people there can bodysurf Sandy’s?”

I took him literally and started to think about the other two guys from Hawaii, then started considering all the folks who were from California who might be surfers, and when I tried to give him an answer he asked another question: “How many people can bodysurf Sandy’s and play ukulele? How many people there can do those things and sing like you? How many can do those things and played the tuba as well as you did?”

A little slow on the uptake, the light went on, and I stopped whining and realized not only that I have unique special qualities and life experiences no one else has, but I needed to stop with the comparison crap and remember there’s more to life than what I was seeing at that time.

I continue to recall that conversation whenever I start worrying about whether I measure up to those around me.

I tell that story to begin the answer to the question “Who is Thomas Chock?” While I have accomplished some things I’m proud of and I could list them here, I would also feel like I’d be falling prey again to playing the comparison game and not practicing what Enoch and I will be “preaching” during our podcasts.

Who I am is best explained by what I’m trying to be: a good husband and father who does his best to provide a healthy, safe environment; a decent human being who is doing his best to create positive value in the world and for himself; a life-long seeker of learning and wisdom who happens to have the opportunity to share some of those nuggets with others to hopefully help them on their journeys. I’m working on it, imperfect as I am, and in spite of myself, I want to continue to strive.

Who is Enoch?

Enoch Chapman is certainly a mysterious man. So mysterious he wants me to write his “about me” page. Which is kinda weird, but I think he’s just being efficient. Which some might call lazy. But truly the guy is super busy all the time, I’m surprised we’ve been able to get the podcast started at all this time around.

Anyhow, I first met Enoch at a local business conference he started and ran. Kinda like a networking group, but closer to a mastermind group, but not a mastermind group. A bunch of like minded entrepreneurs from the area who got together to try to help each other be, well, excellent. That’s probably the most important thing people need to understand about him, he really just wants to make the world a better place, and he’s doing it in the way he knows how. This podcast is pretty much a natural outflow of the kind of guy Enoch is, a guy who wants everyone to be excellent (Bill and Ted’s reference, look it up on YouTube).

One of the things Enoch and I share is the color of our epidermis, at least relative to most of the people in our neck of the woods. This of course doesn’t mean we always see eye to eye on geopolitics or culture or the arts; that is to say, just because we’re both brown, doesn’t mean we just “get along,” as if skin color were all that were needed to develop respectful friendships. But it is something we have in common, and often the source of some inside jokes. I wonder how many restaurant owners feel uncomfortable when two large brown men walk into their establishment for lunch…

…which reminds me, Enoch does food well. Cooking and eating. Just sayin’.

Enoch is an accomplished musician, something about which I am always curious because I can tell he’s talented in that realm, being somewhat musical myself, but I never really get to witness. Why is that Enoch? Hmm. Maybe he’s afraid his awesomeness will just fry my brain. Kinda like Superman having to pull punches all the time because frail human beings would disintegrate if he went all out in his crime fighting. Although there was that one time Darkseid…oh wait, I digress…

Truly a renaissance man, a man of many talents and interests, Enoch Chapman is also a humble, straightforward dude. He loves to help other people in lots of different ways, helping people find the job they love is merely one the more visible ways he helps others. I am grateful he continues to put up with me for our podcasts and look forward to the chance to continue working with and learning from him.