Enoch and Thomas are a couple of average guys who like to talk about excellence.  They both have varied interests, backgrounds, education, and work/life experiences; both are lifelong students of excellence and have studied the topic or some form thereof; and both have coached or consulted individuals, teams or organizations to be better in some way.

After many meetings over lunch or late dinner that inevitably spilled over into long discussions in parking lots, Enoch and Thomas decided that there might be some value in recording these conversations and sharing them with the world.

YourExcellenceProject.com is the result of that effort: a weekly podcast that consists of Enoch and Thomas talking about excellence.  What is excellence? How can a person achieve excellence? What challenges come when striving for excellence? How can someone overcome those challenges?  They’ll pontificate, philosophize, argue, share personal stories, share anecdotes, make observations, hitch a ride on the latest TED talk, have guests on the show, answer questions, resolve concerns, laugh, maybe cry, all so that maybe, just maybe, one listener will move towards more excellence in their life.