Change: What A Pain!

Today at work a change happened that kinda slapped me upside the head.  There have been a lot of changes happening recently, and a part of me thinks I should’ve expected it, and even considered the possibility of me being part of the change. So the change didn’t have to do with me directly.  But […]

Car Trouble = Opportunity

One of the recurring themes we’ve discussed on the podcast is that whenever we, and by we I mean all of us human beings, embark on an excellence project, inevitably we encounter challenges and obstacles.  Sometimes those come in direct opposition to what we’re trying to accomplish: injuring your knee when you’re trying to train […]

Why YEP? (for Thomas at least)

I think it’s important, at least for me, to explain, a little bit, why I personally am choosing to put effort into the Your Excellence Project podcast and website and what, um, intentions (I guess?) I have for this. First, I’ve stated out loud to Enoch that a threshold I’ve made for myself is 100.  As […]