Episode 43: Reviewing the Past – Looking to the Future

With the feeling of the new year still upon us Enoch asks Thomas about his favorite moments of 2015 year in episodes. As the highlights come up the editors remind us of cool moments of the past during the podcast. And after a little reminiscing the guys start talking about the future and what is […]

Episode 42: 2016 – New Year, New Closet

2016 Starts off strong with a brand new episode of “Your Excellence Project” where Enoch talks about how his new year resolutions end up falling flat around January 2nd. This leads into an interesting discussion of Thomas and his wife’s journey of cleaning their closet and what that means for us as listeners.     […]

Episode 33: Bad Days and Good Summits

This week Enoch admits to Thomas that he was having a bad day. That leads to the discussion of “are bad days really bad?” Afterwards Thomas shares the new “Excellence Summits” project that Enoch has been planning and how excited they both are to share the prospect of excellence to a different type of audience. […]

Episode 31: Paul Baltes – Excellence in Curiosity

This week Thomas and Enoch has a guest host, Paul Baltes, who is a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades. Quickly listening to our episodes will show to all who hear that Paul is eclectic in his interests, talents and proficiencies. But it is that ability to try different things as well as not stifling those around him which […]

Episode 30: Speaking to People During Dark Times

This week Enoch surprises Thomas with a question about a friend who is struggling with dark times. The question is posed of “How do you help someone discover excellence within themselves, when they just can’t see it.” This question is posed as a help to those who are depressed as well as those who may […]

Episode 28: Managing Expectations

This week Thomas asks a very tired Enoch about expectations. Why do we have them and how can we overcome them. The guys have a conversation about goals, perspectives and diets all trying to determine how they can accept the fact that expectations are a natural part of life. Don’t expect too much from this […]

Episode 27: Our Library of Influences

This week Enoch asks Thomas about things in his past that have influenced how he views excellence. What are some of the influences that have shaped both Enoch and Thomas’ view of the world. They reminisce about books and movies. Spoiler alert: Thomas and Enoch talk about the endings of some movies and books that […]

Episode 26: Amy Butler – Blazing an Excellent Trail for Women in Ministry

This week Thomas and Enoch have a very special guest on the podcast: Amy Butler, the current pastor of the Riverside Church in New York City. Amy’s journey to first woman senior pastor at the church started with origins as Thomas’ cousin back in Hawaii, and she and Thomas reminisce and share some simple memories […]

Episode 25: The 25th Episode Celebration

This week Thomas and Enoch celebrate the fact that they have 25 episodes completed by doing something completely different. Instead of ruining the surprise, I’ll let you the listener enjoy the silliness and uniqueness this episode brings to “Your Excellence Project” the podcast. Whether the guys fall flat on their faces or their too sharp […]

Episode 24: Expanding the Portfolio of Your Experience

This week Enoch tells Thomas about watching a YouTube video of Stephen Colbert hosting a Public Access cable show in Michigan. This launches a discussion into the idea of trying new things and not being fearful. They talk about believing in oneself, eating cake even when tied down, and Thomas’ new project Oldies on Ukulele […]

Episode 23: America, Patriotism and Excellence

This week Thomas and Enoch discuss “America” … what it means to them and how, sometimes because of history, the struggles to keep the glory of America always in perspective. The question is posed “Is America the Greatest country in the world?” and while the immediate answer is yes, the underlying tone may surprise listeners. […]

Episode 22: Isms, Hatred and Our False Lenses of Perception

This week Enoch apologizes for something no one heard on the podcast because he edited it out. This leads into a discussion of Sexism, Racism and other “isms” which lead into Thomas’ secret pet peve of Pineapple always being associated with Hawaiian. In the end both guys decide it comes down to choice; choice of […]

Episode 20: Turning 20 and Dealing with Young Punks

This week, in celebration of the 20th episode, Thomas and Enoch take a quick look down memory lane and say thank you to all of those who have made the past 20 episodes great. Then Thomas get’s real as he asks Enoch’s advice about dealing with young punks playing basketball. Oh, and Enoch starts to […]

Episode 19: We Took a Break and It’s OK

This week Thomas tells Enoch he feels a little lazy and wants to take a break on the episode. So inevitably we go a full 28 minutes on this concept and explain why breaks are so important on your journey towards excellence. After this episode we can all agree that both Enoch and Thomas tends […]

Episode 18: Larry Stevenson, Running the 5K of Life

This week Thomas and Enoch have a special guest on the show, Larry Stevenson. Larry talks to the guys about losing 140lbs, his journey into running 5ks and lessons he has learned to keep him going through the tough times. Thomas reminds us of the importance of “The Why” and keeping an accounting of what […]

Episode 16 – Super Heroes, Super Powers and Your Excellence

After some pretty heavy pre-show discussion, Thomas and Enoch attempt to go lighter in conversation by talking about super heroes, super powers and what we can all do to be a little more heroic during our day. Is eating cake a heroic super power or the makings of one of the greatest super villains of […]

Episode 15: Opportunities – Another Road to Travel

This week Thomas and Enoch shift gears a little to talk about opportunities: The concepts of taking time to discover opportunities as well as not being fearful of tackling new opportunities. They discuss a little Robert Frost, talk about sons and nieces as well as Enoch’s hidden super human power. Plus Enoch shares a little […]

Episode 13: The Wonder of Milestones

This week Thomas and Enoch discuss the concept of Milestones, The importance of not always heeding the advice of others, and how carrot sticks really measure up to twix candy bars.           If You’re Having Problems with Our Player Some folks have mentioned they can see the player, but they can’t […]

Episode 12: Origin Tales of Excellence – Enoch Chapman

This week Thomas puts Enoch in the hot seat and asks him questions about his background, what he wants out of the podcast and what is ReallySimpleThings.com. Also Enoch opens up a little about how much he wants fans to send him “Boston Crème Pies.”           If You’re Having Problems with […]

Change: What A Pain!

Today at work a change happened that kinda slapped me upside the head.  There have been a lot of changes happening recently, and a part of me thinks I should’ve expected it, and even considered the possibility of me being part of the change. So the change didn’t have to do with me directly.  But […]

Episode 10: Our Podcast So Far – The Review

Thomas and Enoch look back at the past 9 episodes and talk about how things have changed, what lessons they have learned from those changes, and how moving forward means celebrating with cake!           If You’re Having Problems with Our Player Some folks have mentioned they can see the player, but […]

Episode 09: Ups and Downs – Answering Kevin’s Question

Thomas and Enoch answer a question posed by a listener about the cyclical nature of ups and downs. They discuss problems with gaining weight, being single and using the word Nadir in a podcast episode.           If You’re Having Problems with Our Player Some folks have mentioned they can see the […]

Episode 08: Living Long and Prospering with Feedback

Thomas and Enoch acknowledge a number of pieces of feedback from our podcast listeners and take some time to recognize the impact Leonard Nimoy had in their lives as well as the their thoughts on the pursuit of excellence! Live long and prosper!         If You’re Having Problems with Our Player Some […]

Car Trouble = Opportunity

One of the recurring themes we’ve discussed on the podcast is that whenever we, and by we I mean all of us human beings, embark on an excellence project, inevitably we encounter challenges and obstacles.  Sometimes those come in direct opposition to what we’re trying to accomplish: injuring your knee when you’re trying to train […]

Episode 07: Get Out Of My Head!!!

Thomas and Enoch talk about walking, wanting cake and how we sometimes hold on to things of the past instead of moving forward. Also Thomas tells Enoch he should spend more time listening to the episodes of the podcast that have been recorded.   If You’re Having Problems with Our Player Some folks have mentioned they can […]

Why YEP? (for Thomas at least)

I think it’s important, at least for me, to explain, a little bit, why I personally am choosing to put effort into the Your Excellence Project podcast and website and what, um, intentions (I guess?) I have for this. First, I’ve stated out loud to Enoch that a threshold I’ve made for myself is 100.  As […]

Episode 05: The Valentine’s Day Love Episode You Don’t Want to Miss

Thomas and Enoch celebrate the Valentine’s holiday by talking about Love, Excellence and Enoch’s being Single in Thomas’ Non-Single world.   If You’re Having Problems with Our Player Some folks have mentioned they can see the player, but they can’t play the episodes. Well … it’s because the buttons are hidden for some reason. We’re […]

Episode 04: Excellence and the Super Bowl

Thomas allows Enoch to speak about the Super Bowl and the lessons about frustrations he noticed while watching the game. Be it Patriots fan, Seahawks fan or never watched football this episode has something good in it for everybody.   If You’re Having Problems with Our Player Some folks have mentioned they can see the […]

Episode 03: Unforeseen Challenges During Your Excellent Path

Thomas and Enoch talk about different challenges that can arise during your pursuit of excellence. They talk about Thomas’ kids, Enoch’s friends and the problem of telling Enoch he’s fat.   If You’re Having Problems with Our Player Some folks have mentioned they can see the player, but they can’t play the episodes. Well … […]

Episode 02: Why do we not maintain excellence?

This week Thomas and Enoch discuss the problems we have trying to maintain excellence and how easy it is to give up on our goals. During the discussion Thomas shares his ideas on the importance of “The Why” as well as the idea of processes vs. goals.   If You’re Having Problems with Our Player […]

Episode 01: Welcome to the Podcast

The first episode of “The Excellence Podcast” where Enoch and Thomas share what is going to happen when people listen to this Podcast. At the end of the episode Enoch shares a 3 question test to see if you are on the path to excellence and how you can maintain that path.   If You’re […]