Episode 07: Get Out Of My Head!!!

Thomas and Enoch talk about walking, wanting cake and how we sometimes hold on to things of the past instead of moving forward. Also Thomas tells Enoch he should spend more time listening to the episodes of the podcast that have been recorded.


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  1. Kevin
    March 6, 2015

    To the gents putting this together, thanks for taking time out of your lives to organize and share your thoughts in the public sphere. Thomas asked me for a bit of feedback of the podcast as it has run thus far. While I am unsure why he'd want my feedback in the first place, I shall deliver nonetheless! 🙂

    Listening to all the episodes, I have tried to gauge my own reaction in terms of how I think about this stuff as I listen to your dialog and afterward. I'd say that a desire for excellence (or call it self-improvement, or whatever else you will) is something that I have always cared about, and it has manifested itself in many forms throughout my life though I haven't always consciously addressed it or directed energy towards it. I have always had a desire to make myself better, and to achieve things that I think would be cool to achieve. In my efforts, I have met with some of the successes, obstacles, and failures that you have already addressed in your discussions, so a lot of what you talk about rings true to me. Where am I getting at with all this rambling? I haven't the foggiest.

    Anyway, I did want to provide two points that I personally think would be good to build on in your episodes. First, the back-and-forth dialog between the two of you exploring sides of a topic is what really makes the episodes better. The more you build the discussion off of one another, the more engaging and interesting the dialogue becomes. I feel like keeping points brief is great and keeps a listener from drifting. One of my favorite ever podcasts that I listened to regularly was "It's All Politics", an NPR Political commentary that has since gone away that I loved partly because it provided me with lots of good information, and partly because I loved listening to Ken Rudin and Ron Elving's sharp dialog, and their ability to read between the lines and deliver information to the lay person all while including great humor. I guess all I'm getting at is please continue to include your personalities and humor into the dialog. Second, this is already happening some, but I'd love to hear more about your take on theories, models, and so forth from thought leaders in this field. For example, are there any recent relevant studies that might tie into a discussion? Are there any other projects or books or TED talks, etc. that listeners may want to check out, or at least hear more ideas from? I feel like that's one area in which you can add value to the world of adding value – you both have knowledge and are a great source of information, so for those of us who are not necessarily very literate here, that would be worthwhile.

    Listening to your discussion has made gears turn in my mind a little bit over the last few days. I have begun to evaluate why I want to do the things I am setting out to do, the patterns of obstacles that get in my way, and how I can address them the next time they'll come around. Thanks for your work, I look forward to hearing more.

    P.S. Your podcast makes me think of these guys…see 0:40 below… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctUeyGvUFUU

    • Enoch Chapman
      March 6, 2015


      Thanks so much for taking the time to write a comment. I'm happy that things we say have made you think about what you're doing yourself. I hope that we can continue that process for you as we keep podcasting and sharing ideas.

      I know for both Thomas and myself we're still getting the flow of what we're doing down. Being the guy who edits our episodes I find myself going back and thinking, "That was a good idea … I should write that down." So the fact that it's not just me but someone else is finding what we say interesting and "ponderous" is wonderful.

      Let me quickly respond to your two thoughts:
      1) The way we record these podcasts is Thomas comes over my house and we sit in the same room and talk back and forth. We tried at one time recording everything through Skype calls (which is a good way to start podcasting). What we found out is when "Skype-ing" we would wait for what we thought was a lull in the conversation before the other person would talk. It never felt natural. I feel our conversations now flow better and have a natural progression. Thank you for acknowledging the back and forth nature of our episodes.
      2) We are trying to create an aggregation of our "information" so when we talk about a TED Talk, Book or other influence we can put those in a location for you to consume. This means, hopefully, that we will be more apt to suggest something that we like instead of just infusing the listener to our own ramblings. I know connecting to the other influences we have had will allow our audience to see how we come to our conclusions instead of just thinking we are guys who do nothing but think about this stuff all day long. 🙂 So stay tuned and we should have something up on that shortly.

      Thank you for your comments. They are really appreciated!

      P.S. I'm also glad to see it was the 80's movies and not the 80's pizza hut concert (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAn49d6-Jqo) you choose for the youtube vid (yeah … I had the tape back in the 80's … and now).


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