Episode 27: Our Library of Influences

Our Library of Influences

This week Enoch asks Thomas about things in his past that have influenced how he views excellence. What are some of the influences that have shaped both Enoch and Thomas’ view of the world. They reminisce about books and movies. Spoiler alert: Thomas and Enoch talk about the endings of some movies and books that could ruin the experience for people, Or … could save you hours of needless reading and watching. It’s really up to you.






If You’re Having Problems with Our Player

Audio Player Buttons Hidden

Some folks have mentioned they can see the player, but they can’t play the episodes. Well … it’s because the buttons are hidden for some reason. We’re working on it, but for the time being this graphic shows where the hidden buttons are: The one on the left is Play, while the one on the right is Mute.

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