Why YEP? (for Thomas at least)

I think it’s important, at least for me, to explain, a little bit, why I personally am choosing to put effort into the Your Excellence Project podcast and website and what, um, intentions (I guess?) I have for this.

First, I’ve stated out loud to Enoch that a threshold I’ve made for myself is 100.  As in 100 episodes of our podcast.  I don’t think we’ll really know whether this podcast is making any changes for anyone who might actually be listening to us until at least 100.  Maybe we’ll know before, but I think 100 is a good initial threshold.  I guess I’m getting my cue from Rich Parkinson, a songwriter/musician/producer guy I know who teaches songwriting classes.  I heard him say once that whenever a brand new songwriter person approaches him to ask him to co-write, Rich asks something along the lines of “have you written at least 100 songs?” Something like that (Rich, if you’re reading this and you want to correct me, PLEASE DO).

Anyway, I think the general idea is that songwriting is a skill that is learned over time through discipline.  Yes, there’s art in there too.  But it’s the work part, the discipline part, that people often forget.  And that’s why he asks that 100 songs question.  I think for Enoch and I, 100 podcasts is that kind of threshold.  Maybe, just maybe by episode 100, we’ll have figured out exactly what we’re doing, and maybe then we’ll be better equipped to actually do some good in the world with the podcast.  Not saying it couldn’t happen before 100, but from where we’re at right now (6 as of this writing), getting to 100 would be quite an accomplishment and actually a great real-life laboratory for excellence!

Secondly, I think there’s a lot of content out there that people are choosing to spend time and energy on.  Some stuff uplifting, some stuff not so much.  Some stuff that I don’t understand, some stuff I wish I would’ve thought of before it got so big.  I honestly don’t care that much if this gets big.  I just think Enoch and I have something of value to share with the world, and if there’s one person who listens who changes their life, even incrementally, for the better, just for having listened to our podcast? That’s great!

Lastly, I’m doing this for me.  Only recently have I realized that I often sit around waiting for “permission” before going and getting things done.  And that approach hasn’t really given me the kind of successes I’ve seen other people achieve.  It’s an especially head-scratching experience seeing people I’ve coached experience great “success” while I feel I’ve been ready, but waiting. And waiting.  And waiting.

No more.

This podcast effort is one of the ways I’m saying “let’s just DO something” and going for it.  Enough with the whole living life afraid of failure! Enough with thinking that every roadblock or challenge is “proof” that I can’t or shouldn’t pursue a thing.  Who cares if I make it big or not! I’ve got gifts to share, and I’m tired of limiting myself from sharing that with the world!  Stop waiting for someone’s permission to start, and just go for it.

So thanks for being willing to give this a chance, if you’ve chosen to do so.  Thanks to Enoch for being willing to share this with me and putting up with me (it’s only once a week, c’mon Enoch).  My question to you, reader/listener is, what do you have to lose by listening to us?  What if something that you’ve been trying to figure out is answered not by our conversation about excellence, but by your own voice of truth telling you what REALLY will work for you, and that only happened because you disagreed with something you heard us say on the podcast?

I think that’d be awesome.

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